Past Media Coverage of Rick Warren

We've gone through and pulled some video from our archives on the past media coverage of Rick Warren.  Check out the commentary and video below.   You can also view our YouTube playlist that GLAAD will be updating here: : November 11, 2008 Comedy Central: The Colbert Report - Dan Savage 11.11.08 10:15 pm - Steven Colbert jokingly talks about Prop. 8 protests in front of Rick Warren's Saddleback Church, and interviews Dan Savage on the suggested connection between Prop. 8 and black voters' support.

Fox News: Hannity & Colmes - Rick Warren: Controversy Continues Over Prop. 8 in California 11.11.08 09:31 pm - Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren addresses a question about a gay member of his congregation being conflicted over his support of Prop. 8: "I just am opposed to redefining marriage. For five thousand years that term, 'marriage,' has represented a man and a woman."   November 10, 2008 Fox News: The O'Reilly Factor - Culture Warrior: Prop. 8 Protests at Rick Warren's Church 11.10.08 09:54 pm - Bill O'Reilly denounces Prop. 8 protests in front of Rick Warren's church: "My problem here is that they're directing their ire toward the wrong target. To go after a church, which is a private institution, they're preaching based on biblical teachings. And there are biblical admonitions against homosexuality."   January 2, 2008 Comedy Central: The Colbert Report - Rick Warren
December 20, 2007 Fox News: Hannity & Colmes - Warrens Address AIDS 12.20.07 09:00 pm - Pastor Rick and Kay Warren talk about their work with AIDS and Kay says, "I thought it was a gay disease. And for me I thought that meant I didn't have to care. And I was so wrong."   December 14, 2007 ABC: Nightline - Kay Warren on AIDS 12.14.07 11:42 pm - Kay Warren, wife of pastor Rick Warren, admits she did not respond to the AIDS crisis immediately because it "was tied with homosexuality," but now says all people with HIV/AIDS should be treated with compassion.   April 6, 2007 CNN: What Would Jesus Really Do? - Pastor Rick Warren on Gays and AIDS 04.06.07 08:31 pm - Pastor Rick Warren says he does not agree with his "gay friends" on every issue, but that he can still work with them on issues like HIV/AIDS; says he can usually find common ground.   December 1, 2006 MSNBC: Tucker - Evangelicals Against Obama? 12.01.06 04:12 pm - Pastor Rick Warren talks about bringing together politicians on HIV/AIDS despite their other political views; Warren briefly mentions Ted Haggard and the the extreme right on LGBT issues.   April 19, 2006 CNN: CNN Saturday Night - Battling AIDS 08.19.06 10:13 pm - Purpose Driven Life author Pastor Rick Warren and his wife say AIDS is not a "gay disease" and that Christians should help people even if it was. December 2, 2005 CNN: Larry King Live - Rick Warren on Gay People and AIDS 12.02.05 09:01 pm - Rick Warren, pastor and author of The Purpose-Driven Life, talks about churches fighting AIDS and why people are gay or lesbian.   December 1, 2005 ABC: ABC World News with Charles Gibson - Evangelicals Start AIDS Fight 12.01.05 06:30 pm - Evangelical Rick Warren talks about his new push to fight AIDS in America; says church has ignored AIDS in the past because it was seen as a gay issue.