Today's Public Are Thirsty for MILK

December 17, 2008
In a story published for the Los Angeles Times "Envelope" section today, freelance writer Lisa Rosen made some interesting comparisons between the hopeful language used by Harvey Milk -- as seen on the big screen in Milk -- and President-elect Barack Obama during each man's campaign for office. Milk was released just weeks after Proposition 8 passed in California. In the film, Harvey Milk campaigns hard against Proposition 6, another anti-gay bill, but uses his magnetic and positive force to unite the community in ways they never had before. Rosen writes: The timing seemed perhaps a little too fortuitous, according to executive producer Michael London. The filmmakers hadn't noticed the parallels in the script, but watching the film for the first time, "it just jumped out at everyone," he says. " 'Oh, my God, he's got the same language as Obama.' " The story was so resonant that it almost felt uncomfortable, "as if we must have been trying to make a conscious connection," he adds. Uneasy with the idea of releasing the film during the presidential campaign, they settled on a post-election opening date. London continues, "I think a lot of people are hungry for the kind of change that Harvey Milk represented in 1978." Learn more about the Oscar-worthy films that are relevant to modern audiences by reading the full story.