Showtime Shows Us the Way Out

December 11, 2008
As part of its burgeoning unscripted programming slate, premium cable network Showtime is developing a reality series documenting gay people coming out to friends and family. In each episode, Way Out will feature a closeted individual who will discuss his or her orientation in a group setting. "It's a show that has universal appeal because everybody can relate to having part of their lives hidden," executive producer Bryn Freedman tells The Hollywood Reporter. "The show is all about getting to know the person -- why they have been reluctant to come out, what it looks like to be living a lie and what it is like when people are trying to set you up with dates." Though still in the pilot stage, Showtime is apparently committed to the project and excited about the series. We are too! So set a premiere date already so we can set our TiVos!