Gus Van Sant Talks Budget

December 11, 2008
Gus Van Sant, acknowledged by The Hollywood Reporter as one of the top DGA Awards contenders this season, is one of the directors who spoke with THR on "the nuances of getting the scene just right." Here's what Van Sant had to say about shooting within his $20 million budget on Milk.
"When you work within that budget, limitations start to create their own answers. If you have an unlimited palette, like a billion dollars to spend, it's pretty confusing because then you realize you can do absolutely anything, and it just slows everything down. I would've liked to have the money that we needed for extras, and the film probably would've been different. But there's also a point where it gets a little soggy and complicated if there's a lot of money. But I haven't really done a movie with a lot of money. And $20 million is really a lot, so I was happy with that. We didn't really do it the way you could have if you wanted to save a lot of money. We probably could've made $20 million go farther if we hadn't done it in a traditional Hollywood way."