We're always excited when a new media resource for the community is announced, but we have a few extra reasons to celebrate the launch of the new site OUTTAKE VOICES.  Produced by Boston-based OUTTAKE Media, OUTTAKE VOICES is a source for audio interviews with LGBT leaders and allies. The site's exclusive interviews will address issues important to our community, including marriage, religion, hate crime legislation, employment, and the military.  The Web site aims to provide "essential information [to] our global community." The site is already full of exciting interviews.  Visit OUTTAKE VOICES to hear an interview with Charles Robbins, CEO of The Trevor Project, where he discusses operating the only 24-hour crisis & suicide prevention helpline for LGBT youth or Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin react to the recent election.  There are also interviews with writer-director Alan Ball, Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD)’s Lee Swislow and Canadian rock star Carole Pope. So, why are we here at GLAAD so thrilled about this site?  On top of providing an excellent resource for our community, OUTTAKE Media CEO Charlotte Robinson interviewed GLAAD President Neil Giuliano for both OUTTAKE VOICES and The Huffington Post. Producer/Director Charlotte Robinson created OUTTAKE as "a media alternative."  The organization seeks to fill in the gaps that sometimes exist in the news about issues important to the LGBT community.  Charlotte, who started her career in local Boston television and ABC, eventually went on to win an Emmy Award for her work at CBS Sports. Currently, Charlotte works to develop television programs and Web sites addressing social justice issues.  We're looking forward to seeing what Charlotte and her team does next! Visit OUTTAKE VOICES and check out audio from the GLAAD press conference last week announcing the results of the "Pulse of Equality" Survey!