Top Stories Today - 12.04.2008

National News:

Associated Press: Conservatives Form Rival Group to Episcopal Church
Socially conservative Episcopalians and Canadian Anglicans upset by rifts within the Anglican Communion over issues such as the ordination of gay clergy voted Wednesday to split from the church and form a rival North American province.
 Associated Press: Poll: Calif. Gay Marriage Ban Driven by Religion
The Public Policy Institute of California released a poll Wednesday reporting that economic status and religious affiliation played the strongest roles in determining whether voters supported Prop. 8; age and race were found to be less influential. Can Macho, Non-Metro Actors Play Gay?
Though society has become more accepting of gay characters in TV and movies, "some charge Hollywood has warmed to gay characters but not to gay actors," and straight actors generally still play the most successful gay lead roles (partially due to a shortage of openly gay "A-list" stars).
Los Angeles Times: OP-ED: Same-Sex Marriage Is Too Limiting
Robert Epstein believes that marriage is inadequate because it ignores many types of "healthy, non-exploitative, romantic partnerships," and he wonders why gay people want "their own committed relationships to be shoe-horned into an old institution that makes little sense."
Associated Press: Obama Is Delivering Diversity, but Some Seek More
As President-elect Obama makes diverse Cabinet and White House staff choices, HRC is recommending that he appoint openly lesbian labor leader Mary Beth Baxwell as labor secretary, which could make her the first openly gay Cabinet member.
Associated Press: New Star-Studded Web Video Protests Proposition 8
A humorous musical video against Prop. 8 - which features an all-star cast including Jack Black, Neil Patrick Harris, John C. Reilly, Maya Rudolph, Margaret Cho and others - is making waves around the Web after it was posted to yesterday.

Regional News:

San Francisco Chronicle (CA): OP-ED: Why the Same-Sex Marriage Ban Passed
The Public Policy Institute of California's Mark Baldassare analyzes the results of his organization's opinion polls on Prop. 8, maintaining that socially conservative beliefs, religious views and the socioeconomic divide played larger roles than race and ethnicity in voters' stances on the amendment.
The Santa Barbara Independent (CA): OP-ED: California's Prop. 8 Defeat: A Bungled Campaign
Terry Leftgoff, who formerly served as the highest ranking openly gay officer of the California Democratic Party, claims that "the single biggest reason for the Proposition 8 loss was an ineffective and inept campaign strategy by the leadership of the No on 8 campaign."
The Charlotte News-Observer (NC): Carrboro Board Takes Stand on Same-Sex Marriage
The Board of Aldermen, N.C., passed without opposition a resolution they will send to state and federal lawmakers affirming their support of marriage for gay couples in the wake of nationwide Election Day setbacks for marriage equality. Homeless Gay Youth Center Funding Restored
New York City homeless LGBT youth shelter The Ali Forney Center will receive critical funding through February 2010 from the NYC Ryan White Planning Council, allowing the center - which was in danger of closing due to loss of funding - to remain open.
San Francisco Chronicle (CA): OP-ED: Jerry Brown has a Legal Obligation to Oppose Prop. 8
Derald E. Granberg, a retired lawyer from the Calif. attorney general's office, says that Calif. Attorney Gen. Jerry Brown was wrong to say he was "obligated to represent in court the political majority that had voted for Prop. 8," writing that Brown's and the court's duty is to protect minorities from discrimination.
The Salt Lake Tribune (UT): Attack on Man Outside Gym-Lounge May Be Hate Crime
Salt Lake City police say an attack on a 50-year-old man outside a lounge and gym that reputedly caters to the gay community may have been a hate crime. The man's attacker hit him over the head with a bottle after yelling anti-gay slurs.
San Francisco Chronicle (CA): S.F. Archbishop Defends Role in Prop. 8 Passage
S.F. Catholic Archbishop George Niederauer, who helped recruit the Mormon church's extensive involvement in the Prop. 8 campaign, released a statement defending his role in the passage of the anti-gay amendment.
The Colorado Springs Gazette (CO): Safety Concerns Among Gay, Transgendered Students Sparks UCCS Rally
About 200 students, faculty and community members attended a University of Colorado at Colorado Springs rally to celebrate diversity and inclusiveness and address issues of LGBT students feeling unsafe because of verbal and physical harassment on campus.

International News:

The Independent (United Kingdom): Police Investigate MP's Anti-Gay Remarks
Officers from the serious crime branch of the Northern Ireland police service are carrying out interviews to investigate whether MP Iris Robinson's anti-gay comments violated a public order against using words which "have the likelihood to stir up hatred and arouse fear."

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