New Memoir Explores the Lives of Homeless Youth

December 2, 2008
LGBT activist and youth advocate Justin Reed Early has released a new memoir entitled STREETCHILD: An Unpaved Passage. In the book, Early tells of his experiences as a homeless youth on the streets of Seattle and how he came to develop a successful career in the music industry in New York and Los Angeles.

Justin Early

After years of living as a homeless youth, Early went on to become a public speaker and educator in San Francisco and Seattle and worked in the music industry as a promoter and disc jockey in New York and Los Angeles. He was a co-founding Board Member of the HIV and AIDS youth agency, BAY Positives in San Francisco and served on the Youth Commission for the City and County of San Francisco Mayor’s Office. Tune into SiriusXM Radio (Channel 109) "OutQ In The Morning with Larry Flick" on December 11 at 8:00 AM (EST) to hear Early discuss his literary journey. And on Tuesday, December 16, Early will be hosting a reading and benefit in Seattle. Actor Tom Skerritt is set to introduce the author. For more information, please click here. San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles benefits to follow... You can purchase STREETCHILD: An Unpaved Passage at the book's official site, or through, and Hard cover is $19.99 and paperback is $15.99. A portion of the proceeds will benefit life enhancing non-profit organizations including GLAAD, Walden House, Youthcare, Larkin Street Youth Services, The Actors Fund and National Network for Youth - just to name a few... And to get a feel for what it was like for Early growing up homeless in Seattle, here is the trailer for the 1984 Academy Award-nominated documentary STREETWISE, in which he participated. Binary Data KtmV8YvUXx0