Top Stories Today - 12.01.2008

National News:

Associated Press: Is Gay the New Black? Marriage Ban Spurs Debate
The passage of anti-gay amendments in several states Nov. 4 has invigorated LGBT advocacy work, and many now see the battle over marriage equality as "the last frontier of equal rights for all."
 Associated Press: Openly Gay Marchers Debut at Haiti AIDS Rally
A day ahead of World AIDS Day, about 500 people marched through the streets of the Haitian city of St. Marc in what organizers are calling the Caribbean nation's first openly gay march.
The New York Times: EDITORIAL: The Prop 8 Campaign Money
The New York Times editorial board writes that California's fair elections commission is "right to look into whether the [Mormon] church broke state laws by failing to report campaign-related expenditures."
The New York Times: OP-ED: Gay Marriage and a Moral Minority
Charles M. Blow theorizes about African American support for marriage, based on a finding by CNN's exit poll that 75 percent of African American women voters in Calif. backed Prop. 8.
Reuters: Two U.S. States See Boost From Gay Weddings
Following the passage of Prop. 8 in Calif., gay couples are now turning to Massachusetts and Connecticut for their weddings, which economists says could shift millions of tourism dollars to those states.
Associated Press: Gay Icon's Life Yields Lessons After 30 Years
In the wake of Prop. 8, Gus Van Sant's new Harvey Milk biopic highlights parallels between the LGBT equality movement of Milk's time and today.

Regional News:

The Indianapolis Star (IN): State Legislators Unlikely to Tackle Same-Sex Marriage Amendment in 2009
Some social conservatives continue to push for an amendment that would alter Indiana's constitution to ban marriage for gay couples; however, the odds appear slim that the state's lawmakers will seriously consider such an amendment in 2009.
Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin (NY): City to Discuss Anti-Bias Proposal
A proposed law that would protect transgender citizens of Binghamton, N.Y., from discrimination will be the focus of a public hearing tonight in the town's city hall.
The Detroit News (MI): COLUMN: Remove State Bans on Gay Adoption
Deb Price discusses the recent Fla. adoption ruling and emphasizes the need for all states with adoption bans to lift them: "Judges need to rule based on the scientific consensus that children raised by gay parents are at least as well adjusted as other kids."
Foster's Daily Democrat (ME): N.H. Gay Marriage Bill On the Way
Rep. Jim Splaine, who sponsored the N.H. civil union bill passed in 2007, says he plans to introduce legislation in January that would allow gay couples to marry in his state.
Associated Press (MA): Report: Gay/Bisexual Men Still Bear Brunt of AIDS
A new report by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health found that while the state has had success battling AIDS among injection drug users and straight people, it has had less success among gay and bisexual men.
Waterbury Republican-American (CT): Marriage, Yes; Benefits, No: Ruling to Cost State Workers' Same-Sex Partners Health Coverage
Unmarried partners of gay Conn. state employees are losing pension and health benefits now that marriage equality has come to the state. Benefits will end on Nov. 30, 2009 unless partners marry or enter a civil union.
The Arizona Republic (AZ): Same-Sex Ban Under Protest During Mormon Festivities
Upset over the Mormon church's role in the campaigns for anti-gay amendments in Fla., Calif., and Ariz., about 150 marriage equality advocates showed up to protest the Christmas display lighting ceremony at the Mormon temple in Mesa, Ariz.
The New York Times (NY): N.Y. Democrats May Skip Gay Marriage Vote
Despite N.Y. Democratic leaders pledging that their party would bring marriage equality to the state if they won control of the State Senate, party leaders are now sending strong signals that they may not take up the issue during the 2009 legislative session.

International News:

The Australian (Australia): Roxon Dumps 'Anti-Gay' Men's Health Ambassador
Australian Health Minister Nicola Roxon announced the dropping of Warwick Marsh from the list of honorary men's health ambassadors named on Tuesday after Marsh failed to repudiate anti-gay comments he'd made.
BBC News (United Kingdom): MoD Must Pay Gay Soldier £190,000
The Ministry of Defence in the United Kingdom has been ordered to pay a lesbian soldier who was sexually harassed by a male sergeant £186,895.52: "This is as severe a case of victimization following an allegation of sexual harassment as one could see in an employment tribunal."

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