Media Observe 20th World AIDS Day

Twenty years ago, the World Health Organization declared the first World AIDS Day.  Each year since, December 1st has marked the observance of World AIDS Day, an international event dedicated to strengthening the fight against HIV and AIDS and remembering those we have lost.  1988 was a pivotal time for the AIDS awareness movement.  Only seven years prior, the Center for Disease Control released a report on the discovery of AIDS. The media responded at large with sensationalized and deceptive coverage.  Our organization began its work during this tumultuous time.  Gay activist and author Vito Russo co-founded GLAAD in 1985 in response to the New York Post's coverage of HIV and AIDS. Today's media environment has changed greatly, as international awareness has grown over the years.  While there is still much work to be done, we have seen a diverse range of voices come out in observance of the 20th World AIDS Day, encouraging dialogue and informing the public.  Below is a sample: Baltimore Sun- December 1, 2008 AIDS fight is worth it,0,7897817.story December 1, 2008 World AIDS Day{F2038F42-FD70-4929-AF1C-981596CBCB21 Boston Globe- December 1, 2008 AIDS and the unknown Chicago Tribune- November 30, 2008 AIDS fight requires resources, even in tough times, by Desmond Tuti,0,350954.story CNN- December 1, 2008 World AIDS Day 2008: Much accomplished, much to do December 1, 2008 Magic Johnson Reflects on World AIDS Day The New York Times- December 1, 2008 A Killer and a Cure This World AIDS Day San Francisco Chronicle- December 1, 2008 AIDS: A stigma endures USA Today- November 28, 2008 Take AIDS fight into black communities Washington Post- December 1, 2008 AIDS: This is no time for complacency Washington Post- December 1, 2008 Our Country is Failing the AIDS Test