My MILKshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard

November 25, 2008
The Harvey Milk biopic, MILK opens tomorrow! All month long, glaadBLOG's been proud to give you some new perspective on a legend. Today, courtesy of San Francisco magaine, activist Cleve Jones weighs in on Harvey Milk's legacy. Jones worries that if Milk had lived, his popularity might have been fleeting.

Cleve Jones

Most of the leftists today would not have trusted him. They would have hated his small-business background... Harvey was this visionary leader. He came from the period when the only way you could accomplish something was through the force of your personality. You had to create something brand-new out of nothing. That era is gone now. What began in the streets as a radical, revolutionary, liberation movement gradually became transformed. The inevitable institution-building begins, the bureaucrats come in, you're talking about budgets and marketing and personnel policies... and it's incredibly boring. People like Harvey Milk, people like me, we're a little bit anachronistic.
Now that you've learned everything about the man, go see the film! Order your tickets for the opening of Milk! See you at the movies tomorrow! In the meantime, watch these great interviews with Milk stars Alison Pill and Josh Brolin, recorded at the world premiere last month! Binary Data FM7S_lXh04Q Binary Data y5MVq2yFwYE