Top Stories Today - 11.24.2008

National News:

Reuters: Minorities Fear Trend From California Gay Marriage Ban
African American, Latino and Asian American groups said in a brief filed in opposition to Prop. 8: "The entire purpose behind the constitutional principle of equal protection would be subverted if the constitutional protection of unpopular minorities were subject to simple majority rule. This case is not simply about gay and lesbian equality."
The Washington Post: OP-ED: Mormons' Uneasy Victory
The Economist's Stephen Stromberg says that although Mormons "were probably the most organized and consequential force behind [Prop. 8's] passage," they seem to be "shrinking from responsibility" in the wake of nationwide protests and media scrutiny.
Los Angeles Times: Liberal Hollywood Ponders Next Step in Fight for Same-Sex Marriage
As boycotts of film companies and theaters who financially supported Prop. 8 escalate, Hollywood figures reflect on their industry's role in the debate surrounding the anti-gay measure and marriage for gay couples.
The New York Times: COLUMN: Marriage on the Rocks
Maureen Dowd writes about Calif. Sen. Dianne Feinstein's comments on Prop. 8, her role in the new biopic Milk, and the pain of dealing with Harvey Milk's murder. Feinstein: "It was a terrible, terrible time in the city's history."
Los Angeles Times: Both Sides in California's Prop. 8 Battle Look Ahead to 2010
Both supporters and opponents of Prop. 8 continue to wage fierce public relations campaigns and prepare for a possible ballot initiative to reverse the ban in 2010 as the Calif. Supreme Court prepares to hear legal challenges to the amendment.
The New York Times: Activists Seek to Tie ‘Milk' to a Campaign for Gay Rights
Some LGBT equality advocates see the post-Prop. 8 release of Milk as an opportunity to bring more visibility to LGBT issues during a pivotal time when gay people's legal protections are being fought for on such a large scale.

Regional News:

The Detroit News (MI): COLUMN: Despite Challenges, Savor This Year's Blessings
In honor of Thanksgiving, Deb Price reflects on "the year's blessings" to LGBT people and allies, including marriage equality coming to Conn. and N.Y. Gov. Paterson's directive to state agencies recognizing out-of-state gay couples' marriages.
San Francisco Chronicle (CA): Prop. 8 Backers Splinter As Court Fight Resumes
As the Calif. Supreme Court weighs the legal challenges to Prop. 8, the Prop. 8 campaign is attempting to distance itself from some of the anti-gay groups that loudly backed the amendment, including the Campaign for Children and Families.
The Boston Globe (MA): Gay-Marriage Debate Roils, Unites Mormons
The Mormon church's extensive support of Prop. 8, and the resulting nationwide backlash against it, have left many Mormons feeling "simultaneously distant from and connected to" their church's theology and culture.
New York Daily News (NY): Shelter for Youths on the Brink
Due to harsh economic conditions, Carmen's Place - an Astoria, Queens, shelter for gay and transgender youth - may be forced to close without an immediate infusion of funding.
Associated Press (NY): Insurance Chief Says Legally Married Same-Sex Couples Get Coverage
After an appeals court ruled unanimously that New York state must recognize valid out-of-state marriages of gay couples, State Insurance Superintendent Eric Dinallo tells insurance companies that they must adhere to the decision.
Connecticut Post (CT): Rolling Out the Welcome Mat to Gay Marriage
As gay couples from in and out of state plan their weddings, Connecticut expects a similar economic boost to the ones seen in California and Massachusetts after those states' marriage bans were lifted.
San Jose Mercury News (CA): Gay Marriage Advocates Rally at Calif. Capitol
An estimated 5,000 people rallied outside the Calif. capitol in Sacramento Saturday to oppose the passage of Prop. 8.

International News:

The Victoria Herald Sun (Australia): Same-Sex Superannuation Discrimination Laws Reformed
The Australian federal parliament approved changes to superannuation laws that allow gay couples to leave entitlements to their partner or children upon death. The Senate also agreed to a bill to extend the meaning of de-facto to include gay relationships.
Agence France-Presse (South Africa): Homosexuality 'Isn't a Disease'
Burundi's main gay equality groups expressed outrage over the country's decision to criminalize being gay: "We don't understand how educated people can adopt such a law because homosexuality is neither a disease nor a deviance."

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