12 Angry MILKs

November 24, 2008
Okay, so after a full month of Harvey Milk "fun facts," we'll admit these posts' titles have gotten a bit crazy, but the fact remains: only two days until MILK opens, and we're thrilled! As seen in San Francisco magazine, had Harvey Milk lived, some think he might have become mayor of the city, or even gone on to Sacramento. Michael Wong (Asian American activist and early Milk supporter) says:
In 1979, George Moscone and Harvey would have been reelected; and then in 1983, George would have supported Harvey for mayor, and Harvey probably would have won. The night of the defeat of the Briggs Initiative, three weeks before the murders, I think he was the most popular elected official in the city.
Roma Guy (lesbian activist) says:
You have to be a good manager to be a good mayor. Harvey was a little bit disorganized. People run for office not becaues they have management strengths, but because they have an agenda, they have an ambition. I think he would have been a better legislator. If he had wanted to go to Sacramento, he would have gotten a lot of support there, too.
Be sure to read up on Milk in GLAAD's Milk Resource Kit and see Milk in select theaters starting Wednesday! And check out this special interview with Milk star Diego Luna, recorded at the world premiere last month! Binary Data G5W1RTTWerM