The Price of MILK

November 20, 2008
Milk opens next week! To tide you over until then, read a fun fact about Harvey Milk, courtesy of San Francisco magazine. If Harvey Milk lived, progressive politics in San Francisco might have looked very different, according to lesbian activist Roma Guy.

Roma Guy

"Harvey was competing with the Burton machine, and having a lot of success taking them on. They didn't want him. It's not that he was particularly obnoxious. It was that he didn't grow up in their ranks. And there was the homophobia. But he was also very pragmatic. Moscone was part of the Burton machine, and Milk was willing to work with him to get things done. Maybe Harvey would have built his own machine, but I don't think that was his intent. He wasn't into creating an empire -- he was into getting gay people mainstreamed and furthering a progressive agenda: affordable housing, public transportation. It was all about building that progressive wing." Learn more about Harvey Milk and the upcoming Gus Van Sant movie about him by checking out GLAAD's Milk Resource Kit. And check out this special interview with Milk producer and Focus Features CEO James Schamus, at the world premiere last month! Binary Data RYDqZSL64rg