Dustin Lance Black, Part Two

November 20, 2008
As promised in yesterday's entry, we're back with more content from The Hollywood Reporter's roundtable discussion that featured Milk's Dustin Lance Black. When asked what unusual place he finds inspiration, Lance responded:
Family reunions. Everyone lives in Texas or Utah, and so it's Mormons meeting Pentecostals meeting Southern Baptists. Our family's from every walk of life. I definitely always leave there going, "Oh man, there's a movie, just in that aunt alone."
Lance also spoke more broadly about the intersection of the personal and the business in screenwriting:
For me, this was a very personal journey because it was the movie I wish I had when I was growing up. I wish I had a gay hero growing up in Texas. I didn't. It really was tough, especially because this was a spec script and then it became a business on top of it and I wasn't used to that. I was in this safe nest at HBO and all of the sudden it was this big world. But it is that hope that this really could change lives and that people will see it and identify with it and it will give them some piece of hope.
Be sure to check out Lance's work on November 26 at a big-screen near you!