No Use Crying Over Spilled MILK

November 19, 2008
All month long, we're giving you a new "fun fact" about Harvey Milk every day, in anticipation of the release of his biopic November 26. In a recent issue of San Francisco magazine, reporters asked public figures, "What if Milk had lived?" Keep reading for an insightful answer.

Tom Ammiano

According to San Francisco supervisor Tom Ammiano, district elections would not have been overturned.
A small faction of people west of Twin Peaks were able to do a Karl Rovean maneauver and have a special election after the murders, in August 1980, when most people weren't around. So not even two years after Harvey was killed, district elections were overturned, and we went back to some of the same problems that wew had had before under citywide elections -- people being more conservative and pro-business. It wasn't till 1996 that we finally repealed citywide elections once and for all, with the new district elections happening in 2000. And since then, the board has become much more progressive again.
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