Hey, Who Are You Calling a "Gay Mutant?"

November 19, 2008
Marvel Comics has just introduced a character to its Young X-Men series, and, like Northstar, Karma and Anole, the new mutant on the scene, Jonas Graymalkin, is gay.

Jonas Graymalkin

According to the blog Heroes N Hunks, Graymalkin has a sordid and upsetting past. And when I say past, I mean it all started in the 1800s. "[Graymalkin's] homophobic father caught him about to secretly rendezvous with a boyfriend, called him an “abomination” and beat him to the brink of death then buried him alive. The darkness of his grave triggered his latent mutant power which kept him alive and alone for 200 years (his power works in complete darkness, and the darkness of a grave kept him invulnerable enough to survive without food or water for that long - though I’m not sure why it took him so long to dig out is he’s superstrong in the dark too - unless he didn’t try - the boy needs a fictional therapist)." Now Graymalkin has befriended fellow gay mutant Anole, and though it looks like a romance may be on the horizon, it is also possible the two may just remain friends, a rarity in comic books. (Most gay characters have romantic relationships with other gay characters, but aren't "just friends" like they tend to be with straight characters.) X-Men Manifest Destiny #3, featuring Graymalkin and Anole, is available in stores now.