Mr. MILKman, Bring Me a Dream

November 18, 2008
With Gus Van Sant's film, Milk, opening next week, San Francisco magazine posed an interesting question to a number of public figures in its most recent issue: "What if Harvey Milk had lived?" One prediction: Dianne Feinstein wouldn't be senator.
Roma Guy

Roma Guy

Lesbian activist Roma Guy explains:
When Milk and Moscone were killed, Feinstein's star was sinking. She had been defeated twice for mayor and was on her way off the board. She and Harvey did not get along. I don't know what she would have tried next, but she was ambitious, and she would have tried something. She wasn't very charismatic with women. She's wasn't in any way a progressive, or even a liberal. She wasn't even that open to childcare at first. But she turned out to be a very good mayor. After the killings, she did not exploit the situation. She was calm and competent. She got a lot of respect across the board.
Learn more about Harvey Milk and the upcoming film about him, opening November 26, by visiting GLAAD's Milk Resource Kit. And check out this special interview with Milk star James Franco, recorded at the world premiere last month! Binary Data -niu7-bE63A