I Drink Your MILKshake

November 17, 2008
MILK month continues, with glaadBLOG bringing you a new "fun fact" about Harvey Milk every day, right up until the film opens November 26!

Cleve Jones

San Francisco magazine recently interviewed activist Cleve Jones about how Harvey Milk affected him during Milk's brief time in office. Jones said that Milk showed the world that issues pertinent to the LGBT community were worth dying for. "Harvey came to believe he would be murdered, and he made a tape-recorded will that named four people he wanted to succeed him. But just because he feared for his life, he didn't stop working for change. Before Harvey, there were countless martyrs to the gay cause -- dead from suicide and murder and drug overdoses and alcohol -- the wasted, ruined lives of people who lived in the closet and couldn't come out. But Harvey was the first publicly identified martyr that all of us could relate to. His death was a very powerful unifying force within the movement." Learn more about Harvey Milk and the upcoming film about him by reading GLAAD's Milk Resource Kit. And check out this special interview with director Gus Van Sant at the world premiere of MILK! Binary Data dW1rBgBuBHk