What to Watch: This Weekend

November 14, 2008
Friday, November 14 Check local listings Oprah, syndicated (1 hr) NEW - Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels join Oprah via Skype for a discussion about Prop 8. 8:30 pm South of Nowhere, The N (30 min) NEW - Ashley refuses to forgive Kyla. [read more] 9:00 pm Starter Wife, USA (1 hr) NEW - The series, based on the miniseries special, brings back Chris Diamantopoulos as Rodney, Molly's best friend. He's decorating the home of an A-list action star, and nursing quite the crush on him, but the question is: is the actor gay or straight? 10:00 pm 20/20, ABC (1 hr) NEW - Barbara Walters has the first interview with transman Thomas Beatie and his wife since the birth of their daughter. 10:00 pm Lipstick Jungle, NBC (1 hr) NEW - Victory's assistant Roy is gay. Perhaps he'll be there to provide emotional support this week, when she is upset about her love life.   Saturday, November 15         9:00 pm Color Splash, HGTV (30 min) NEW - Out interior designer David Bromstad reworks living spaces. Tonight he takes on a guesthouse. 10:00 pm The Graham Norton Show, BBC America (1 hr) NEW - Out Irish comedian Graham Norton presents the fourth season of his comedy chat show.   Sunday, November 16 9:00 pm Desperate Housewives, ABC (1 hr) NEW - Out actress Lily Tomlin is back for another episode as Roberta, Mrs. McCluskey's sister. 9:00 pm True Blood, HBO (1 hr) NEW - The new series by Alan Ball includes pansexual vampires and gay chef Lafayette, who dabbles in both drug dealing and a private escort service for closeted politicians. Next week is the season finale! [read more] 9:30 pm American Dad!, Fox (30 min) NEW - Omnisexual alien Roger is a series regular, and gay couple Terry and Greg are recurring characters. 10:00 pm Brothers & Sisters, ABC (1 hr) NEW - Justin sets Uncle Saul up on a date, and Kevin gets a very expensive gift for Scotty. 10:00 pm Entourage, HBO (30 min) NEW - Rex Lee plays Lloyd, Ari's assistant. Next week is the season finale. [read more] 10:00 pm Skins, BBC America (1 hr) REPEAT - In this teen drama, Maxxie is the cute blondie that can get any boy he wants. Next week's episode will be new, but for tonight it's a rerun of the ep focused on Tony. [read more] 10:30 pm Summer Heights High, HBO (30 min) NEW - This Australian mockumentary satirizes high school life, and features Mr. G., a sexually ambiguous drama teacher with a love for the theater and Chihuahuas.