Community Members Protest Dobson's Induction into Radio Hall of Fame

November 12, 2008
Hundreds of community members, led by the organization Truth Wins Out as part of the Dump Dobson campaign, showed up on Saturday to protest the National Radio Hall of Fame and their induction of anti-gay organization Focus on the Family.  The crowd gathered in front of the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Chicago to protest Focus on the Family and founder James Dobson, who was there to accept the award. Dobson has a long history of attacking and making things up about gay people.  Among his many false claims, Dobson has said being gay "has to do with an identity crisis that occurs to early to remember it" and that gay people "have as many as 300 to 1,000 partners in a lifetime." He has also falsely claimed that committed gay couples "cannot be a family" and that allowing them to get married would "destroy the family." GLAAD has decried the Radio Hall of Fame's decision, releasing a viral video highlighting these and other false claims he has made about the LGBT community, which we posted here and at The Huffington Post. Dobson also founded Love Won Out, a so-called "ex-gay" organization that claims to "cure" gay men and lesbian women.  Truth Wins Out, a group dedicated to exposing the lies of the so-called "ex-gay" movement, has found at least seven scientists and psychologists who say Dobson has distorted their research results for his own teachings through the Respect My Research campaign.