Sharon Gless is Hannah Free

November 6, 2008
Longtime gay rights advocate Sharon Gless (Queer As Folk, Nip/Tuck) is set to star in a new independent feature entitled Hannah Free. The film centers on two women who find love with one another, against all odds.

Sharon Gless

Hannah (played by three actresses of different generations, with Gless as the present-day version) and Rachel (also played by three actresses, with Maureen Gallagher as the eldest) are good Midwestern girls who grow up in the same conservative town. While Hannah develops into an adventurous and openly gay young woman, Rachel remains quiet and becomes a homemaker. Through a world war, family denial and marriage, the two share a love that overcomes the impossible. The screenplay is based on Chicago playwright Claudia Allen’s popular stage play of the same name. Gless worked with Allen on her play, Cahoots, and, according to press materials, is “delighted” to be working with Allen again. The film is directed by Wendy Jo Carlton and produced by Ripe Fruit Films, a Chicago-based production company, for distribution in 2009. However, films don’t come cheap! If you want to support lesbian independent film, PLEASE click here to see how you can do your part to make sure this movie makes it to screen. And do you live in the Chicago area? Meet Sharon Gless in person (WOW!) by attending a Hannah Free fundraiser this Sunday, November 9. Hey — you’ll receive a “thank you” credit in the film if you attend. For more details, click here.