USA Network Does Its Best to “De-Gay” Bring It On

October 29, 2008
An angry TV viewer wrote gay news/pop culture blog Queerty after viewing the campy cheerleading flick Bring It On when it aired on USA Network last Saturday. Apparently, USA edited out an entire gay storyline, but kept in all the homophobic slurs. Here’s what the reader wrote:
Imagine my delight, as a gym-procrastination measure, when I discovered that USA Networks was screening Bring It On (in my opinion unjustly dissed by Entertainment Weekly with a lowly #30 ranking in their list of 50 Best High School Movies) last Saturday, Oct. 25. But my pleasure turned to self-righteous-letter-to-the-editor-writing rage when I realized that USA censors had degayed the sympathetic homo character, Les (Above, left). Not only did they remove the coming-out scene where he says he speaks f*g “fluently,” but also the bit at the end where he meets another cute guy backstage at the nationals. However, USA saw fit to leave the homophobic slurs (Eliza Dushku being called a d*ke, one straight jock calling another a f*g) intact. I would be curious if Queerty could get a response from USA Networks as to why they made these editorial decisions.
What is going on? USA Network airs the gay-friendly Starter Wife, for goodness sakes!