What to Watch: Tuesday

October 28, 2008

8:00 pm House, Fox (1 hr) NEW - Thirteen was outed as bisexual last season, and featured very prominently in last week's episode. This week, the team treats a sleepwalker.

Thirteen in last week's "House"

Thirteen (at left) in last week's "House"

9:00 pm GREEK, ABC Family (1 hr) SEASON FINALE - Calvin is in for Hell Week!

9:00 pm Dancing with the Stars, ABC (1 hr) NEWTune in and cheer on Lance!

9:00 pm Food Detectives, Food Network (30 min) NEWQueer Eye's Ted Allen hosts a new series looking at common food myths. This week, he investigates what swallowing gum does – or doesn't do – to your body. 

9:00 pm Privileged, The CW (1 hr) NEW - A live-in tutor deals with two spoiled twin sisters in Palm Beach. Their personal chef, Marco, is gay. This week, he'll likely be the one cooking for an intimate dinner between the tutor and her estranged father. 

10:00 pm How to Look Good Naked, Lifetime (1 hr) NEWCarson Kressley presents season two of his newest makeover show. 

10:00 pm Paris Hilton's My New BFF, MTV (1 hr) NEWOnch is bisexual and Bryan is gay, and both have been competing for the position of Paris Hilton's best friend. Bryan was just sent home last week but Onch remains.

11:00 pm Sex Change Hospital, WE (1 hr) NEW - This documentary series follows transgender patients as they visit Trinidad, Colorado for surgery. This installment features Malinda Chadwick, a 54-year-old bounty hunter, and Alaina Hardy, a 35-year-old patient, who are both coming in for male-to-female sex reassignment surgery.