Milk Screenwriter Directs New “Republicans Against 8″ PSAs

October 28, 2008
It’s only Tuesday, but already, it’s been a busy week for Dustin Lance Black. Last night, he was honored at the Hollywood Awards gala with the Breakthrough Award for his screenplay of Milk. Tonight, the Harvey Milk biopic has its world premiere in San Francisco’s Castro District, which Black will attend. But wait! There’s more! Black has just released two new “No on 8″ PSAs that he directed and shot himself. According to The Advocate, Black teamed with Republicans Against 8 campaign director Scott Schmidt because he wanted to know if there was anything more than fund-raising he could do to fight Proposition 8, California’s proposed ban on same-sex marriage. According to The Advocate:
The two ads feature an impressive roster of everyday gay citizens, including a Vietnam veteran and a Boeing rocket scientist, two people who say they have devoted their careers to protecting the rights and lives of Americans. The ads urge Californians to now step up and return the favor on November 4.
Schmidt said having Black on board gave the effort an added bit of authenticity. The No on 8 logo that appears throughout the ads is a re-creation of a logo from San Francisco’s 1978 No on 6 effort. Proposition 6, also known as the Briggs Initiative, would have prohibited gay people from teaching in California.
Milk premieres tonight in San Francisco, where buttons featuring the No on 8 logo would be handed out to all who attend.