Judge David Young's Show Goes to the Dogs

October 23, 2008
Daytime's Judge David Young is the only openly gay judge on television. Though his show has only been on the air for a season, it's already been nominated for an Emmy. And now he's helping out the Humane Society! Judge David Young will launch a pet-friendly series of episodes called "Thank Dog It's Friday!" starting Friday, October 31. As part of the initiative, a pet-related case will air every Friday through November 21, encouraging viewers to educate themselves on pet owners' rights and responsibilities with the help of The Humane Society of the United States. These special episodes will feature a variety of cases that will engage pet-lovers everywhere who will be able to relate to such situations as: --  A pit bull's owner is sued for not fencing in his animal, which then attacks a goat; --  A dog owner sues a neighbor for letting the pet out without permission and the dog is hit by a car; --  A dog groomer is sued by a client claiming that negligence caused her animal to suffer; --  A woman sues for pain and suffering after a neighbor's animal causes the death of her pet. So what are you waiting for, animal lovers? Don't miss Judge David Young, airing nationally. Check your local listings.