We're Mad for Bryan Batt

October 21, 2008
Bryan Batt is one of the few openly gay actors in television today portraying a gay character -- and is certainly the only one on a show recently awarded an Emmy for Best Dramatic Series.

Salvatore with his wife Kitty

Mad Men is a phenomenal drama you need to be watching. Set in the advertising world of the 1960s, Batt plays Salvatore, an art director who is married to a woman, but harbors feelings for his bachelor co-worker, Ken (played by Aaron Staton). Batt was recently interviewed by Washington Post columnist Liz Kelly. The two talked about the hit show, Salvatore's love life, and the state of gay TV. Here's an excerpt:
Liz: I was reading in Entertainment Weekly about a new study from GLAAD about the unprecedented number [16] of gay characters on network TV. So, unfortunately Sal wasn't included [because the show airs on cable]. But Mark Harris at EW pointed out that despite having 16 characters, there aren't any shows where the gay character is a central character to the show. And he finds it surprising considering the success of "Ellen" and "Will & Grace." Bryan: I am surprised at that mainly because -- and I've said this before -- Hollywood and the TV industry, the film industry, it's a business, a money-making business. And I'm surprised because "Will & Grace" did so well that there aren't other shows who have gay main characters. I'm a firm believer that if those shows who have gay characters sell tickets or get great ratings and the money's flowing in, they [should] make them in a second. How many copies of "Friends" do we have? All those great series that turned the corner or did something different? Everyone else ripped them off.
Definitely read the full story here to learn more about the cast of Mad Men, as well as what the characters may have in store for Season Three. And check out this behind-the-scenes look into a recent episode, entitled "The Jet Set." Batt is interviewed, as is star Jon Hamm and showrunner Matthew Weiner. The season finale airs Sunday, October 26 at 10/9c on AMC. And you can catch the entire season on On Demand now. What are you waiting for? WATCH IT, ALREADY!