Reel Affirmations Film Festival NOW PLAYING

October 17, 2008
Reel Affirmations Film Festival, the Washington, DC LGBT film fest, is currently running from October 16 - 25. They've got a great line up this year, showcasing several films we've screened and loved! This weekend's highlights include:

Another Gay Sequel

Friday at 9:30 PM -- Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild
"If your favorite kind of movie involves young gay boys emotionally connecting with one another as they come to terms with their sexuality, do not see this film. However, if you are open to projectile vomit and tossed salad jokes, Another Gay Sequel will be a fun and uproarious way to spend 95 minutes." [full review]
Saturday at 3 PM -- She's a Boy I Knew
"Haworth has made a 70-minute trans-primer that is part genealogical record, part family drama and part love story — with comedic observations and a handful of animated sequences to lighten the mood." [full review]
Sunday at 3 PM -- Mulligans
"The movie often heads into melodrama territory, but for the most part, Mulligans is an earnest tale showing the viewer that it's important to be true to yourself and follow your heart; everyone deserves a second chance." [full review]

The Lost Coast

Sunday at 5 PM -- The Lost Coast
"Though the film is paced slowly, there's a wonderful tension that continuously builds, scene by scene, keeping the audience engaged as they try to predict what will happen next. I found it to be a taught film, told with sophistication and with inventive storytelling techniques." [full review]
Sunday at 6:30 PM -- The Secrets
"The Secrets is, above all, a feminist film. The female characters are strong, devout and wise." [full review]
Sunday at 9 PM -- Antarctica
"Antarctica is one of the best examples of how to film sex scenes that appeal to a discerning audience... The scenes have burning passion without being excessive, a mistake many inexperienced directors tend to make." [full review]
Please be sure to check out the full schedule and buy your tickets! It's the nation's LGBT film festival and YOU should be a part of it!