Saving Marriage Doc Opens Friday

October 16, 2008
Saving Marriage is an award-winning documentary on marriage equality from producers/directors John Henning and Mike Roth. Regent Releasing has pushed up the release date of this timely film to hit select cities in an effort to defeat Proposition 8 in California and take advantage of the upcoming elections on November 4. The documentary chronicles the two years after the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial court ruled marriage for gay couples legal in November of 2003. Shortly after, conservative legislators pushed to approve a constitutional amendment that would override the decision and take marriage away from the gay and lesbian couples. The film archives the fight, examining both sides of the issue and chronicling the struggle of the gay community and the politicians who represent them. Saving Marriage was released exclusively in San Francisco last Friday, but can now be viewed in Los Angeles and Boston on Friday, October 17, New York City (starting October 24) and Denver (as of November 7). Buy your tickets for opening weekend and support independent film! And check out the trailer here: