Clergy Remain Powerful Media Voices in Move Toward Equality

October 15, 2008
Despite recent news coverage of faith groups raising nearly $7 million to back anti-gay legislation in Arizona and Catholic priests in Michigan who oppose an anti-discrimination bill that would protect gay people, this is still one of those heartening weeks in media coverage related to the LGBT faith community. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="192" caption="Rev. Janet Edwards (Photo Credit: More Light Presbyterians)"]   
Rev. Janet Edwards (Photo Credit: More Light Presbyterians)

For all the bad news, the positive contributions of our faith leaders remain front and center and it is great to see that the media continues to serve up fine examples of many of our leaders working toward – not against – equality.

The Rev. Geoffrey Farrow of Fresno, a Catholic priest announced he was gay and spoke out against California’s Proposition 8, in a television interview because he could not “become an accomplice to a moral evil.” Another headline announced a hair-splitting acquittal of Presbyterian pastor, Rev. Janet Edwards, and that she will continue to perform weddings for same-sex couples even though it is against church policy.

A Washington Blade op-ed by former PFLAG Vice President Robert Bernstein put everything into perspective. He noted that it is clergy who often serve as catalysts for social change and they will be instrumental in the work toward equality.

So, despite those times when the media fixates on divisive rhetoric within the faith community – there are many faith leaders committed to equality, who are tremendous sources of inspiration and courage for our community.