The Starter Wife Amps Up Its Gay Story This Season

October 10, 2008
Tonight is the premiere of USA Network's seriocomic series, The Starter Wife. From the gazillion posters you've seen around town, you know it stars Debra Messing, but did you also know there's a really funny gay character who gets an actual storyline?
Rodney, Molly and Joan hit the town

Rodney, Molly and Joan hit the town

Chris Diamantopoulos plays Rodney, an interior designer with an all-star client list. Last season, when The Starter Wife was just a six-part miniseries, and not a full-on series as it is now, Rodney didn't have a lot to do, other than compliment Molly (Messing) on her shoes and bag choice. I've gotten a sneak-peek at the two-hour season premiere, and I'm delighted to report that already Rodney's got a significant -- and titillating -- storyline in the works. To wit: Rodney has just acquired a new client: Felix Jones (played by James Black). Felix is a super-macho hunky action movie star, and Rodney starts to crush on him in a big way. Trouble is, Felix is straight, and Rodney does not want to obsess over someone he can't have. (Apparently, he's done this before.) And yet, he is drawn to him... And Felix keeps sending Rodney gifts... And requesting to see him at odd hours when no one else is around... What does this mean? Is Felix closeted? Or just friendly? Rodney is torn, but I'm not -- I can't wait to find out what -- if anything -- happens between these two. On a side note, Debra Messing is very funny in this (and yes, her hair is ridiculously gorgeous as always, even though she's supposed to be "poor" now) and Judy Davis (you might know her from her Life with Judy Garland powerhouse performance a few years ago) is spot-on as a recovering alcoholic with a chip on her shoulder. All in all, I'd say The Starter Wife is a delightful distraction with a nice gay story to boot. Be sure to watch the series when it kicks off Friday, October 10 at 9/8c. Check out a quick promo: Binary Data 8rfqf1ZKxs8 Fun fact: Chris Diamantopoulos is married to Becki Newton, the hilarious actress who plays Amanda on Ugly Betty. Currently the best hag on TV, if you ask me.