Shirts & Skins: Sheryl Swoop(e)s In

After a loss last week against a pro basketball team, the Rockdogs rallied back and vowed to train harder and to put the needs of the team before personal issues.  Logo is showcasing the all-star gay team in a reality series called Shirts & Skins. In episode four, Olympic gold medalist and openly gay WNBA star Sheryl Swoopes surprised the Rockdogs with a visit. Swoopes is considered the "female Michael Jordan" and is the first female basketball player to have a Nike shoe named after her - the "Air Swoopes."  She gave the guys some helpful advice about coming out as a gay athlete, encouraging players like Mike to live their lives honestly and openly to everyone. She also shared the positive reactions she got from many of her teammates and peers. "After I came out, I went to the NBA All-Star Game," Swoopes told the Rockdogs.   "Shaq came up to me, and K.G. (Kevin Garnett) and Vince Carter came up and they just all grabbed me and hugged me. To me, that was so encouraging." The Rockdogs also worked hard on their fashion show fundraiser, hoping to earn at least $2,000 for their trip to the Chicago basketball championships. Raising money for uniforms, equipment and for travel to tournaments is a problem every sports team has to deal with. After quelling a few grumbles and shaking off some nerves, the show went off without a hitch. The Rockdogs were surprised to find they'd doubled their goal, raising over $4,000. With money raised and only two weeks left until Chicago, I'll be waiting excitedly to see how the Rockdogs do next week.   Will Jamel realize that being gay isn't a choice?  Will Mike come out to his family?  Will Papa Joe finally give some positive words of encouragement? Stay tuned and find out!