Entourage is Picked Up For a Sixth Season

October 7, 2008
The HBO Emmy-winning comedy Entourage has officially been picked up for a sixth season. In our book, this means one thing to cheer about: more Rex Lee!
Lloyd with his boss Ari

Lloyd with his boss Ari

Though the series has always been gay-inclusive, Rex's character, Lloyd, was initially in the background, shadowed by his overbearing boss, Ari (played by three-time Emmy winner Jeremy Piven). However, with each passing season, Lloyd has been given a little more screen time. He went from just answering phones to participating in plot lines that wholly revolved around his personal life. Suddenly, I was watching episodes that had Lloyd in nearly every scene with Ari. And when he got a boyfriend -- who we actually got to meet -- I knew Entourage had officially crossed over: Lloyd was a three-dimensional gay character on an incredibly successful and popular show. But the ultimate achievement transpired within this current season: For the first time, Rex Lee's name is in the opening credits. This is a huge step forward for the actor -- and for gay visibility. Rex plays one of the few gay Asian Pacific-Islander characters on television today. In GLAAD's recent Where We Are on TV diversity study, we found there are only six Asian LGBT characters on cable, a mere 7%. (In contrast, there are 74 white characters, 82%.) Don't get HBO? You can still enjoy Lloyd's zingers by reading his blog. Check out "Letters from Lloyd" here. And don't say that Rex never gives back to his community. He participated in GLAAD's "Be an Ally & a Friend" PSA campaign last year. Feast your eyes. Binary Data DLMtKKE6Wfk