South of Nowhere Final Season Starts Friday

October 6, 2008
Since its inception, cineQueer has been championing South of Nowhere. Yes, it's a teen drama that airs on The N, but trust us: it makes for some seriously great TV. Think of it as My So-Called Life, but with Angela and Rayanne falling in love with one another.

Spencer and Ashley

Unfortunately, like My So-Called Life, the stellar series is coming to a close too soon. When it was announced that the series had not been renewed for a fourth season, fans took action. was formed (a web site dedicated to Spencer and Ashley: "Spashley"), encouraging viewers to band together and demand the show continue, but The N has remained firm: the show will end its run in December. South of Nowhere was a breakout hit for The N when it debuted in 2005, consistently boasting ratings nearly equal to the network's juggernaut Degrassi: The Next Generation. The drama's first two seasons were nominated for GLAAD Media Awards for Outstanding Television Drama, which is remarkable, as the "little drama that could" was battling for attention with the likes of ABC's Brothers & Sisters and Showtime's The L Word. And it's not too late to celebrate the final season! The N's award-winning web site has a ton of video recaps so you can get caught up on the action between Spencer, Ashley, Aiden, Kyla, Madison, Glen and all the other dramatic teens. Already a fan? Get psyched up for the return of South by watching this stirring video before the final season kicks off Friday, October 10 at 9 pm EST. [kaltura-widget wid="42l233dzke" size="large" align="l" /]