Shirts & Skins: The Rockdogs play the pros

This week's episode of Logo's Shirts & Skins highlighted how one person's antics can affect an entire team's performance on the court. The team practiced nonstop in preparation for their game against the San Francisco Rumble, an American Basketball Association team.   But when Jamel (who last episode caused serious problems with his teammates when he inaccurately claimed being gay was "a choice") went missing during the final practice before the big game, the team's stress level was visibly high and affected their play. In the end, the Rockdogs lost the game 51-41 - not a bad showing, considering the San Francisco Rumble is a professional team. Despite the loss, it was worthwhile to see how one player missing during practice can affect an entire team at game time.  It demonstrates how so much of sport is mental - if you're not in the right frame of mind, you won't perform well no matter how good your skills are. Stay tuned next week when Sheryl Swoopes drops by, and the Rockdogs gear up for their fashion show fundraiser.