Media Balances Portrayals of Faith-Based Acceptance, Discrimination

September 30, 2008
As I mentioned previously, GLAAD's Religion, Faith & Values team is now producing a weekly “Faith News Summary.”  The summary aims to bring readers a snapshot of recent stories impacting LGBT people of faith. As we monitor the media and come across these stories, we continue to find that the national and regional press are publishing a wide range of coverage that delves into both the ongoing discrimination and growing acceptance happening in churches across the United States. Last week, for instance, in newspapers across the nation, thousands of people read stories about families with gay parents being denied admittance to churches, churches being rejected by their denominations (such as the Southern Baptist Convention), but also about churches seeking formal recognition to prove their openness to gay members. We are encouraged by the media's openness to show both the tremendous progress LGBT people of faith have made while also highlighting the challenges we still have yet to overcome. The complexity and diversity of stories about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in faith communities will hopefully continue to garner coverage in regional and national publications.  GLAAD will continue to advocate for fair, accurate and inclusive stories that portray the complexity of spirituality in the LGBT community as churches continue working toward inclusion.