Increase in Bisexual Representation on Broadcast Television

September 23, 2008

While an overwhelming number of LGBT characters on broadcast television are white gay men, now there are a greater number of bisexual characters on scripted shows. On Fox's House, Thirteen (played by Olivia Wilde, who previously portrayed bisexual character Alex on Fox's The OC) was revealed to be bisexual during the 2007-2008 season. Angela, an existing character on Fox's Bones, has been announced by the network as being bisexual this season amidst rumors of an ex-girlfriend returning to the picture. At the end of last season, ABC's Grey's Anatomy showed Callie and Erica in the early stages of mutual attraction, suggesting a potential relationship that would be the only romance between female series regulars currently on broadcast television. On NBC, Knight Rider's Carrie was romantically involved with a woman in the television special upon which the series is based, though it remains to be seen if that aspect of her character will be explored in the series. There is only one male character on broadcast television counted as bisexual: Roger the Alien on Fox's animated series American Dad! To read the full analysis of the 20082-2009 television season, please click here.