Little Orphan Elina

September 18, 2008
Last night's Top Model was a doozy. The girls all got makeovers, so you know what that means: weaves and tears. Though none of the models knew what changes they would be receiving by the ANTM hair team, our two queer ladies, Elina and Isis, lucked out (unlike Clark, who I think now looks like a bad Wonder Woman with her blue-black locks.) Isis was given some beautiful brown hair extensions, softening her strong features, while enhancing her exotic looks and bringing out her cat eyes. And Elina got the "biggest change in Top Model history," according to Ms. J., going from Angelina-esque dark sleek hair to a head full of bright red curls. At first, Elina was not having it, bursting into tears and insisting that the Ronald McDonald hair did not reflect her true self. But she soon pulled herself together and knocked out a killer photo shoot, earning her the coveted spot of being called first in judges' panel. Though Isis was called more towards the end (though definitely not in the bottom two this week!), I must say she handled herself like a pro during the swimsuit photo shoot. Though she confessed to Mr. Jay she was a little nervous before the shoot (swimwear can be tricky), in front of the camera, she appeared to be totally at ease. Go, ladies, go!