Monday Night Basketball

Shirts & Skins, Logo's new gay basketball docu-series, premiered Monday delivering plenty of talent, drama and heart. Although the Real World-style of creating drama by throwing a bunch of young people into close quarters has been done before, it's refreshing to see the members of the San Francisco Rockdogs depicted as talented basketball players who also happen to be gay. The producers seem to try to give a full picture of the athletes - showing their interactions both on and off the court.  The first episode highlights their game against a team of firefighters, who the Rockdogs easily crush by about 30 points.  But you also get a chance to see the guys relate to their fellow teammates as they goof around and wind down after the game and welcome back a former player.  You can tell they care a lot about the team and support each other. One of the biggest problems with the show is the airtime. Cyd Zeigler of rightfully laments that the only sports show on Logo airs Monday nights at 10:00 pm, going up against Monday Night Football. Be on the lookout for next week's episode when openly gay former NBA player John Amaechi stops by to offer the Rockdogs some advice.