Another Chance for Mainstream Media to Talk About Gay Christian Singers

September 12, 2008
Ray Boltz

Ray Boltz

The Washington Blade today reported that popular Christian singer Ray Boltz has spoken openly about being gay. In this year alone, there have been two others with ties to the Christian music industry to publicly announce they are gay – Azariah Southworth, creator of the popular Christian TV music show “The Remix” and Tony Sweet, a contestant on the Gospel Channel’s reality show, "Gospel Dream." The Blade article recognized this growing trend of the increasing visibility of gay Christian singers who are living openly and honestly, but these stories have not garnered much mainstream media attention.  Far too often, media outlets overlook these stories,  missing an opportunity to share the authentic stories of artists and entertainers from the Christian music community and their own journeys to self-acceptance. Hopefully the media will use Ray Boltz’s coming out as an opportunity to highlight his story and the stories of other LGBT people in the religious community.