What to Watch: Wednesday

September 10, 2008
Wednesday is Reality TV Night, with Top Model, Project Runway and Top Design 2 vying for our attentions. But sitcom fans should definitely check out Fox's new comedy Do Not Disturb, which features a gay character in a supporting role.
<i>Top Model's</i> Isis

Top Model's Isis

> 8:00 PM America's Next Top Model, The CW (1 hr) NEW Isis is transgender, Elina is queer, Mr. Jay and Miss J are both gay, and Benny Ninja is making a special appearance this week, so you have no excuse not to tune into the drama… Including a make out session in the hot tub between two models. > 8:00 PM Bones, Fox (1 hr) NEW Keep your eyes on Angela, who has been confirmed by the network as bisexual. Word on the street is that she might be seeing a romance with ex-flame Roxy at some point this season. > 9:00 PM Project Runway, Bravo (1 hr) NEW This week, the remaining contestants must create a look inspired by the Zodiac. Several gay designers are still in the running, not to mention the presence of mentor Tim Gunn and judge Michael Kors. > 9:30 PM Do Not Disturb, Fox (30 min) SEASON PREMIERE Check out this new sitcom about the underbelly of a chic boutique hotel. One of the staff members is Larry, a gay man in a long-term relationship in serious need of getting his mojo back. > 10:00 PM Sordid Lives: The Series, Logo (1 hr) NEW LaVonda plans a trip to visit her favorite nephew, Ty, who is starring in an all-nude musical in West Hollywood. > 10:00 PM Top Design 2, Bravo (1 hr) NEW Bravo's interior design competition continues, with the designers competing to design a functional room. Head judge Jonathan Adler resides over the series.