What to Watch: Tuesday

September 9, 2008
Our TV picks include the GLAAD Media Award-nominated series GRΣΣK, which is so not for kids' eyes only, even if it airs on ABC Family, as well as the season premiere of The CW's Privileged, a new teen drama that features a gay chef in a supporting role.

Paul James of ABC Family's GREEK

> 9:00 PM GRΣΣK, ABC Family (1 hr) NEW Why, oh why, is Ashleigh in debt again? I know she has cute clothes, but still, the ZBZs have to arrange a casino night to help bail her out? At least her best gay, Calvin, is sure to be in attendance. > 9:00 PM Eureka, Sci Fi (1 hr) NEW Sheriff Carter must step in to save the town after a local citizen tries to do his job for him – and fails. Recurring character Vincent (Chris Gauthier) is a café owner. > 9:00 PM Food Detectives, Food Network (30 min) NEW Queer Eye's Ted Allen hosts a new series looking at common food myths. Tonight he examines “The 5-Second Rule.” > 9:00 PM Privileged, The CW (1 hr) SEASON PREMIERE Follow the crazy life of a tutor for two Hilton-esque twin sisters in Palm Beach. Their personal chef, Marco, is gay. > 10:00 PM How to Look Good Naked, Lifetime (30 min) NEW Queer Eye's Carson Kressley presents season two of his newest makeover show. This week, he helps a woman with severe scarring regain her confidence. > 10:00 PM Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, Oxygen (1 hr) NEW New out model Martin is the show's first deaf model. But not the show’s first hot model. Watch it, already! > 10:00 PM Million Dollar Listing, Bravo (1 hr) NEW This reality series follows three real estate agents making high-end deals in Los Angeles. One of the men is Madison, who is openly bisexual. > 11:00 PM General Hospital: Night Shift, SOAPnet (1 hr) NEW This soap spin-off has introduced a gay character, Kyle who is an intern at the hospital. Kyle is also about to get a new boyfriend – none other than Chad Allen – starting September 23, so be sure to tune in every week to watch sparks fly!