I DON'T Want to Work for Diddy

September 9, 2008
Did you see I Want to Work for Diddy this week? Tragic. If Diddy thinks that he can keep Kim (aka "Poprah") around for another week, letting a really great candidate go, who would want to work for him?
The lovely Laverne

The lovely Laverne

Remember, Kim is the contestant who compared herself to Jesus and Martin Luther King, Jr in one of her insane rants. She is also prone to sudden asthma attacks when faced with the prospect of strenuous exercise. And when she is on the chopping block (which is often, because her teammates despise her) she has been known to insult, cajole, cry and manipulate her way into staying in the competition. And why am I hating on her so much this week? Spoiler alert! Our beloved, groundbreaking transgender participant, Laverne Cox, was eliminated this week. Instead of Kim. Kim called Laverne a "joke" and a "spectacle" in front of the judges' panel because Laverne failed to sell a bottle of perfume at Sephora to New York tourists. Really. You can watch Laverne in all her calm, collected and dignified glory by clicking here to see the full episode. We'll miss you, Laverne. And your high kicks in stilettos.