Save Me Opens Today

September 5, 2008
Save Me, a new film from director Robert Cary and First Run Pictures, opens today at the Clearview Chelsea Theater in New York. The film stars some of our favorite actors, including Chad Allen, Judith Light and Robert Gant. Chad Allen plays Mark, a sex- and drug-addicted young gay man. When an overdose becomes a wake-up call, his brother enters him into Genesis House, a Christian-run ministry, which attempts to cure him of his "sexual brokenness." Residing over Genesis is Gayle (Light) a stern woman with the best of intentions, but is conflicted once she sees examples of real love and affection between tenants within her ministry. Is she doing the right thing, "curing" men of their "deviance"? Or is she witnessing something natural and good? Save Me raises many questions about faith and morality, and examines the damage the ex-gay movement can cause. The film held its premiere in New York on Wednesday as a benefit to GLAAD and our Religion, Faith and Values program. Judith Light was in attendance, as was Bishop Gene Robinson, an openly gay and very vocal member of the Episcopalian church. The two take quite a nice picture, don't you think? For more information about Save Me, please click here. And don't fret, Angelenos: Save Me is coming to Los Angeles September 19. Mark your calendar! Big thanks to Queerty for the photo!