Skins Delights the Eyes and Ears

August 28, 2008
BBC America is currently running a teen drama entitled Skins. With a good-looking cast of diverse characters, the series appears to be a British Gossip Girl... With 100% more swearing, sex, and yes, skin. In fact, it's intended for "mature audiences only" so basically it's a teen drama for adults. My favorite kind. And yes, there's a gay character. Maxxie (played by Mitch Hewer, pictured) is an adorable blond who is comfortable with his sexuality, even if his parents aren't.  BBC America told cineQueer that Maxxie's presence on Skins "means having shows on TV with gay characters who are real people, not caricatures, and that's what we strive for." God Save the Queen, indeed! Though Skins premiered August 17, BBC America is re-airing all the episodes so that we slow-moving Yanks can get caught up and indulge in the juciness the Brits have to offer us. Meet Maxxie by viewing this introductory video here. And watch as some of the cast talk about the show's handling of gay characters. Skins airs Sundays at 10/9c on BBC America.