Rachel Maddow Profiled by the Washington Post

August 27, 2008
The Washington Post ran a profile of openly gay political commentator Rachel Maddow, who will begin hosting her own show on MSNBC on September 8. The article discusses her rise through the ranks of political journalism, beginning with a stint on morning radio, her show on Air America Radio and her increasingly frequent appearances on both MSNBC and CNN in recent years. Maddow speaks about her own awakening around LGBT issues, and the article discusses her status as a pioneer – she will be the first openly gay woman to host her own show on a mainstream cable news network: "Earlier, Maddow laughed when asked if she once thought it unlikely that a lesbian would host a prime-time cable news show. ‘It's out of my hands,’ she said. ‘I can't be less gay.’ But she does acknowledge the virtues of being a pioneer: ‘Being the first blank is always important.’”