LGBT Delegates Gathering in Denver and Minneapolis

August 21, 2008
In the lead-up to the Democratic National Convention, the Denver Post is reporting that Stonewall Democrats, an organization of LGBT Democrats, will be meeting in Denver to discuss issues important to the party and LGBT Americans. The Post makes a point to highlight that nearly 360 Democratic delegates are openly gay, lesbian, bi or transgender, as well as noting that the Log Cabin Republicans will have nearly 100 openly LGBT delegates at the Republican convention in Minneapolis in two weeks. The Denver Post serves its readers well by including the the LGBT delegates in their reporting on this year’s conventions. Recognizing that 48 states are sending LGBT delegates and that these party leaders will be convening in the city several days before the actual convention – they will be discuss anti-discrimination legislation and other topics of particular relevance to the LGBT community – is newsworthy and an important part of acknowledging the role that LGBT Americans play as a part of our electoral system. Too often, LGBT people and issues are used as a “wedge” to divide people in politics. Instead, the Post responsibly identifies the important role LGBT people play in directing the conversations about inclusiveness in our country. We hope to see more reporting of this kind as the conventions get underway. Paul Karr is Director of Media Field Strategy.