Lifelike Portrait Goes for $10k

August 20, 2008
When real estate guru Jeff Lewis gave his beloved housekeeper Zoila Chavez a portrait of herself for her birthday on Bravo's Flipping Out, she recoiled in horror. She thought no one would want such an ugly painting. 
Turns out she was wrong. 
Though she refused to take the painting, Jeff decided to auction the portrait on, announcing the event on the "Flipping Out Reunion Special," which aired on August 12. So began a weeklong bidding frenzy, resulting in the purchase price of over $10,000. 
Lucky for Zoila, she receives every penny. 
"If I knew how much the painting was going to sell for, I never would have agreed to surrendering all the proceeds," joked Lewis in a statement. "I am worried that with this much cash in hand, she might leave me. But in all honesty, she deserves every penny for having put up with me for so long."
Heck yes, sister. You take yourself on a vacation!