2013 GLAAD TV Reports

Take Action: TV should show how diverse the LGBT community really is!

The number of LGBT characters has increased greatly on TV in the last decade or so, but your average character who isn't straight is most likely to come from one specific mold.  It will probably be a he, and he'll probably be white.  While characters like these have important stories to tell, they don't paint the full picture of the LGBT community in all its colorful diversity.

In signing this and asking Hollywood and creators everywhere to remember that:

LGBT people are not all the same gender or orientation.

They come from every ethnicity and in every body type.

You can find them in every faith or economic class.

They embody every generation and ability.

The LGBT community is made up of countless unique identities and has an endless supply of stories to tell; each as valid as the one before.  In signing this, I'm asking you to help us tell them.