North Carolina justice rally, organized by GLAAD Campus Ambassador, set for Saturday, December 10th

On Saturday, join activists and advocates at the “Justice for All” rally in Burlington, North Carolina.

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Guest Post: The need for HIV & AIDS advocacy within larger social justice movements

GLAAD Campus Ambassador, Kali Villarosa (Skidmore College) discusses prioritizing HIV & AIDS advocacy within larger social justice movements.

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VIDEO: "Hear Me Now" documentary emphasizes severity of bullying in US schools

Featuring testimonials and reenactments, Hear Me Now highlights the fact that 13 million children are bullied every year in the United States. One out of four students are bullied during the school year, and of the students bullied, only 36% report it. The film strives to amplify the voices of these students.

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Why the #SouthernStories Summer Tour matters

Resident North Carolinian at GLAAD talks about growing up gay in the South and the potential impact of the Southern Stories Summer Tour.

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Bodybuilders against bullying prove they've #GotYourBack

Together gay YouTube vloggers Davey Wavey and Raymond Braun interviewed straight bodybuilders to discuss LGBT bullying.

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VIDEO: Students promote marriage equality in moving school project

In a short and touching video, two young girls from Scarsdale, New York, courageously promote the cause for marriage equality.

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Young cast performs new anti-bullying musical, 'Out of My Comfort Zone'

Josh, a 13-year-old middle school student is about to be outed as gay in an online blog written by the school bully in the new rock musical "Out of My Comfort Zone."

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After #spiritday, NYC GSAs will gather for group learning

This Thursday, we celebrate Spirit Day, a day when everyone from celebrities and corporations to schools and community members will wear purple and connect on social media to stand in solidarity against bullying and show support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth.

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October 1, 2014

Minnesota Star Tribune runs full page anti-transgender ad

An anti-LGBT cohort billing itself as a youth advocates bought a full page ad in the Minnesota Star Tribune in response to a proposal that will establish guidelines for transgender athletes.

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Parents of trans kids candidly speak to Brynn Tannehill about their experiences

Trans advocate Brynn Tannehill interviewed parents of transgender children and unveiled similar patterns among the families.

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