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Barnard College clarifies admissions policy with respect to transgender people

Barnard College last Thursday announced that it will begin to accept applicants who "consistently live and ident

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TIME.com op-ed calls for ending discrimination against trans women at women's colleges

In an op-ed published by TIME.com, transgender activists Avi Cummings and Dean Spade call for women's colleges to end the discriminatory practice of refusing to consider applications from transgender women.

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Students To Deliver Thousands of Signatures Telling Smith College To Treat Trans Women Applicants Equally

On Thursday, May 2, members of the student group Smith Q&A will deliver more than 4,000 signatures from their Change.org petition to the Smith College Office of Admissions, calling on the school to change its policies and treat trans women applicants equally.

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April 9, 2013

Thousands calling for Smith College to stop discriminating against trans women

More than three thousand people have joined a Smith College student group in their call for an end to Smith's refusal to even consider the applications of certain trans women.

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